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The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones premiered on day, 2019. At last, fans area unit finally about to establish the last word fate of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and also the remainder of the Westerosi.

Game of Thrones can air each Sunday night till the series finale on could nineteen. Until then, fans area unit theorizing regarding however the show can finish — and who can win the Iron Throne.

Here’s everything we all know regarding season eight up to now.

What time will Game of Thrones air?
It airs on nine p.m. civil time on HBO within the U.S., and at 2 a.m. on Sky Atlantic within the U.K. as a part of the Transatlantic broadcast the show is providing this year.

What happened in Game of Thrones season eight episode 5?
Arya Stark fights for survival in Game of Thrones season eight episode five.
Arya Stark fights for survival in Game of Thrones season eight episode five. helen Sloan—HBO
Game of Thrones‘ final penultimate episode saw Daenerys unleash a fiery spree of terror on King’s Landing despite the very fact that Cersei rang the bells of surrender when Drogon destroyed the Iron Fleet and every one of the scorpions lining the city’s outer walls. Jon and Tyrion then watched on in horror as Daenerys transitioned totally into the Mad Queen some had long feared she would become.

After Tyrion freed Jaime in hopes that he may convert Cersei to depart Westeros with him, Jaime tried to sneak into the Red Keep to reunite together with his sister. However, he was caught by Euron Greyjoy and made into a fight to the death. Jaime ultimately came out on high, however was mortally wounded within the method. Despite his injuries, he still created it to Cersei’s facet and also the twin Lannisters died along because the castle broken around them.

Meanwhile, when convincing Arya to abandon her search revenge on Cersei, the Hound finally came face to face with the Mountain and it absolutely was time for “Cleganebowl.” The Hound managed to stab the Mountain through the abdomen with a blade and thru the attention with a dagger despite taking a horrific beating. however when realizing that his zombified brother couldn’t be killed by traditional means that, the Hound tackled the Mountain through the crumbling Red Keep wall and also the 2 each fell to their deaths.

Arya was then left to do to create her reply town alone as Daenerys continuing her massacre. within the final moments of the episode, a traumatized Arya found herself alone within the ruins of King’s Landing. however when discovering the burned bodies of a mother and girl WHO had saved her from being trodden to death, she researched to ascertain a lone white horse ostensibly looking forward to her. She then mounted the horse and rode off through the destruction.


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