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Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi died on Monday of a heart attack during his trial in the communications case.
The reports confirmed that Mursi had been asked to speak before the judge during the court session on the issue of telephone and the intrusion into the eastern border, and was allowed to do so.

He added that after the adjournment of the session, Morsi was muffled, and tried to save the people, but died of a heart attack.

 The reports confirmed that the body of Mursi was transferred to a hospital near the headquarters of the court, pending the necessary action and determine the causes of death, adding that after these steps will be delivered to his family to bury him.

One suspect was quoted as saying that Mursi appeared to be in a perfectly normal state in the courtroom and had no signs of the disease.

It is noteworthy that Morsi has been in prison for about 6 years, and receives treatment on a regular basis.

A close associate of the president confirmed that Morsi’s food and lifestyle in the prison was subject to strict procedures, follow-up by specialists and doctors, and there was no sign of serious illness.



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