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While the two teams are named one of the birds, the comparison between the two titles may be enough to reflect the expected face-up of Nigeria and Burundi in the opening of Group B matches in the first round of the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt.

The team of Nigeria (Eagles) and Burundi (Swallow) opens the activities of the second group at the stadium “Alexandria” with a match between the two teams is expected to be one-sided in light of the history and the possibilities and experience of the two teams, but remain the surprises of course.

The Burundi national team, which is a bird of the rank of sparrow and ranges from 18 to 20 cm, takes its title.

This title may be the best expression of what this team can face in the face of Nigeria’s eagles, except if the modest Burundi team succeeds in escaping the vultures of the Eagles.

The game is a new start for the eagles in African Championships, where Nigeria will return to the final for the first time since winning the third title in the history of the tournament during the South African version in 2013.

The second group in the current African championship appears to be in contrast to the 2018 World Cup, where the team played the first round of the World Cup in a group that includes Argentina and stubborn Croatia, who reached the final in the same tournament and Iceland, the great march in the last European Nations Cup 2016) in France.

On the other hand, the Eagles are taking part in the current African Championship in the second group, which includes two teams for the first time, Burundi and Madagascar, unlike the average Guinean team.

The Eagles are looking for a big start in this tournament because the team’s failure to finish the first round in the group means that the Eagles are suffering from a real crisis and any result except to win the game tomorrow means that the team will face great difficulties if qualified for the playoffs in the current tournament.

The Burundi team is hoping for other teams in their first tournament such as Mali in 1972 when they won second place and Cape Verde in the 2013 edition when they made their way to the second round of the tournament with great skill at the expense of big teams In his group like Morocco and Angola.

The match is expected to witness a dramatic encounter between the strong Nigerian offensive led by Udion Igalo and Ahmed Moussa, behind them Alex Eioubi and the defense of Burundi, who proved his efficiency in the qualifiers and in friendly matches despite the lack of experience.

Sido Perahino, meanwhile, leads the Swallow attack against Nigeria’s defense, which is expected to rely heavily on defending midfielder John Mikel Ayoubi to counter the Burundi attacks.


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