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England were shocked by Sri Lanka in their most recent outing at the ICC Cricket World Cup — their second defeat at the tournament. The now face Australia, India and New Zealand in their next three matches.

Cricket is followed by madness in many countries of the world. The countries meet cricket every four years to grab the trophy from world winners.

In this view the 2014 Cricket World Cup will be the 11th World Cup cricket.
According to the 2014 Cricket World Cup venue Australia and New Zealand are going to host the World Cup Cricket World Cup 2019 matches.
At the time of hosting the rights granted to 2015 announced the World Cup decision to set the ICC International Cricket World Cup 2019 also decided.
The difference in the cricket World Cup
The team was led by members of Kamili Membership “Participating in the 2019 Cricket World Cup Place on the ICC 2014 Cricket World Cup Schedule at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. The following teams will perform on display at the 2014 Cricket World Cup.

South Africa
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
West Indies and others

Apart from these regular teams at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and some other teams add up after qualifying to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 table. The Cricket World Cup 2019 will be located in Australia and New Zealand. Both have fast courts. To play on the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and the schedule will be really hard for players of all teams. The winner of the 2011 World Cup belongs to the Indian subcontinent who used to slow stadiums.

The International Fifty-one day will also be coordinating on the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup.
Robin’s form will be applied and round knockout around the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule. The same format was followed earlier in the 2011 World Cup. In what way the difference will qualify for the tournament has not yet been decided.
The inclusion of referral toys and power in the World Cup is more strategic. Cricket World Cup 2019 Place in Australia and New Zealand has to unify the rules of cricket fair game cricket.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 You will have a new story to be written. Cricket World Cup 2019 The venue offers bouncing venues that threaten many cricket game states. Wait and watch the excitement at the 2014 Cricket World Cup.


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