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The Brazilian coach, Titi, has expressed his fear of a penalty shootout against Paraguay in the quarter-finals of the Copa America, hosted by his country, especially that the Seleção has been the victim of his opponent twice in the last three versions this way and in the same role.

Paraguay beat Brazil 2-0 in penalties in 2011 in the quarter-finals before losing to Uruguay, then repeated the same scenario with a 4-3 win in 2015 before falling to Argentina 1-6 in the semi-finals.

“I can not feel calm during the penalty shootout,” he told a news conference on the eve of his side’s match against Paraguay in Porto Alegre. “I do not know how, but I have to find a way Others to decide games. “

“We are training on the penalty shootout today and we will talk about the strategy later,” said Kleber Schaefer, assistant to Titi.

Brazilian public opinion is concerned that the Paraguayans have adopted rough and defensive play on an unfinished ground for Gremio Arena to drag the hosts to a penalty shootout.

Totti expected Paraguay to play “with two lines of defense, relying on a player as a second striker for Miguel Almiron and another as a spearhead, Oscar Cardozo.”

“They are playing with high marks and scoring a lot of goals, so we have to make more efforts to contain them,” said Titi.

Some considered the unusually high heat at this time of year as the reason for the poor pitch that suited the cold and humid climate, but Barcelona midfielder Artur considered that “the pitch is the same for the electorate.”

“I have nothing to say about the pitch,” he said. “If we focus on this, we’ll forget everything about football.”

“Our main focus is winning the game, doing what we do well and focusing on the final result.”

“There is a part of the game that we have to be careful about, we have to play in our style, then there are VARs and referees,” he said. Of the game and we will make a deal with it. “


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