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The quarter-finals of the Women’s World Cup in France will start on Thursday with the meeting of Norway and England at the Stadium of Oceans.

It will be tough for the Norwegian side to face England.

In Norway, he managed to beat Nigeria and South Korea in the group stage and fell into the trap of defeat against France.

In the sixteenth round, he faced Australia, with a tough win

Penalty penalty, after a draw in both original and extra time for each goal.
On the other hand, the England team is seeking to continue his successful career in the tournament, which has seen his victory in all his games.

Where he won the group stage against Argentina, Japan and Scotland, to collect the full mark, and then beat Cameroon in the Round of 16 with three clean.

England are in the line of defense, with only one goal in the standings against Scotland.

He also has a strong attacking line led by star Allen White, who has scored 4 goals from eight goals scored by the English in the tournament so far.


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