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The 2019 Women’s World Cup is the eighth edition of the Women’s World Cup, the four-year international football tournament, in which women’s national teams of FIFA’s international associations compete between June 7 and July 7, 2019.

In March 2015, France won the right to host the event; the first time the country hosted the tournament, and the third time by a European country. Games are played in nine cities across France. The United States enters the competition as a defending champion. It is also the first women’s World Cup to use a video-assisted referee system.

France qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2016 World Cup after beating Brazil 2-0. The host France is likely to beat the defending champions.

Amandine Henry the leader of the France team was able to save her hospitality and granted boarding pass to the quarter-finals of the World Cup women’s football victory 2-1 over Brazil after extra time on Sunday to hit France a potential date with the United States, the defending champions and will play Spain in Rance.

Henry scored in the 107th minute in a tense match at the Osien Stadium after Tessa scored the equalizer for Brazil.

Juveen opened the scoring with a cross from Diani in the 52nd minute but Brazil equalized in the 63rd minute after Tessa beat France’s Sarah Bouhadi with a low cross. The goal was calculated following the review of the adjunct video referee technique and after the initial cancellation of the referee’s wisdom.

France struggled to translate its early control due to a lack of a touch of goal, which prevented them from winning to win in the original time.

The Blues were unable to make it until 26 minutes after Juve scored a cross from Cadiyadio Diani but the goal was canceled after a review by the refereeing video technique that indicated that the attacker had played the ball with the head, despite Barbara’s close guard. The decision frustrated France and Deacre’s players became less offensive, allowing Brazil to start putting pressure.

“It was a tense but very tense match against a great competitor, but we did not give in and we managed to finish it off,” France coach Corinne Deacry said. “It was better to play harder in the first half, so the second half was easier for us, but I think what happened will make us free in the rest of the tournament.”

With Brazilian veteran Formiga returning to the starting lineup, the South American side seemed physically ill with France taking control of the game in a match that saw many matches.

Shortly after the start of the second half, Diani received a free kick by Amal Magri into the penalty area to turn Henry into the net with a winning goal.


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