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Sweden coach Peter Gerhardson has refused to give the history of Germany and Germany more than his size, asserting that his players are ready to overcome the quarter-finals of the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France.
The two sides will meet on Saturday at the Roazon Park stadium, where history stands against Sweden because they have never beaten Germany in the major leagues since 1991, where they suffered 10 defeats and one draw, most notably the loss of the 2001 European Women’s World Cup final and the 2003 Women’s World Cup final. And the 2016 Brazilian Rio Olympics.
“It’s just a history, now we have new players,” Gerhardson, 59, told France Presse. “This kind of statistic is not useful because we have to look at how Germany played their last three games.”
“I do not think all the players agree with this idea, because it is time to change history, and we are fed up with hearing the German knot,” said Magdalena Ericsson, who has confirmed to the agency.
The winners of Germany and Sweden will meet in the semifinals of the Netherlands and Italy.


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